God Came Down (Exodus 3–Hebrew Women)

Last week we studied the Hebrew midwives who heroically spared the lives of baby boys after Pharaoh ordered them killed as they were being born. While Shiphrah and Puah certainly saved countless children, Pharaoh was not easily deterred in his genocidal quest to weaken the Jewish people. When his order to the midwives failed, he […]

Heroic Resistance (Exodus 1–Shiphrah and Puah)

Exodus dramatically opens with two unlikely female champions of a heroic resistance against the Egyptian government. These women, Shiphrah and Puah, were so important that in a story that is difficult to date specifically because the Pharaoh was not personally named, God made sure that their names would always be remembered. There are two cases […]

Desperate for Justice (Genesis 38–Tamar)

For Bible teachers like me, it would be so much simpler to teach if the Bible were full of Ruth’s, Esther’s, and Mary’s. Inconveniently, the Bible records real life. Sometimes real life is messy and complicated and unfair and always in desperate need of a Redeemer. Tamar’s story is certainly as complicated as they come. […]

God Is Enough

Manipulation seemed to be the family trait of the patriarch’s, didn’t it? Jacob may have been the worst offender, and this week in our study it finally bites him back. Jacob the deceiver became the deceived. Regrettably, he wouldn’t be the only one injured. After working seven years to earn the right to marry his […]