Rotten Kids (2 Samuel 18-19)

When I was pregnant, someone told me that having a child was like having your heart walking around outside your body. How true it is! Most of King David’s children turned out completely rotten. With so many wives and concubines having children, David’s family dynamic was certainly complicated. His oldest son raped one of his […]

Ignoring an Offense (2 Samuel 16)

Last year, a very powerful, well-known ministry professional tweeted something that, in my opinion, was at best tacky and at worst utterly offensive. I told him so. Of course, his many followers leaped to his defense and it became a huge thing in my Twitter feed. When I told my friend about it, he laughed […]

It’s Complicated (2 Samuel 11 and 12)

Bathsheba’s story is complicated, isn’t it? While there are many questions that we might like answered (was she David’s victim or accomplice in their adultery? How did she feel about her husband, Uriah? Uriah was listed as one of David’s famous “mighty men”. He was a close and loyal friend. How could David have done […]

Getting Settled (2 Samuel 2-4)

Have you ever just felt unsettled? Perhaps a career or military life has kept you on the move and it leaves you longing to put down some roots and just be home. If so, you probably have a little taste of what King David must have felt for the fifteen years between being anointed king […]

Trouble with the Truth (2 Samuel 2)

The book of Second Samuel in the Bible opens in a grisly way. The Israelites were in a losing battle to their enemy, the Philistines, and there were dead bodies strewn all over the battle field, including those belonging to Israel’s first king, his three sons and King Saul’s armor bearer. Ordinarily, the death of […]

How’s That for Irony? (1 Samuel 18-21)

God has an astounding sense of humor. When King Saul’s hatred and jealousy of David became so great that he developed a Captain Ahab-type obsession with killing him, God used King Saul’s own children to thwart multiple attempts by the king on David’s life. Saul’s oldest son Jonathan became his best friend, and Saul’s youngest […]