What We Need Most (Nahum)

This very day, an uber-popular Christian author and speaker tweeted that regular people don’t need to really study scripture. What they need is more self-help.

Because most people don’t make their living writing Christian books and studies she said, they, “don’t have the luxury of devoting outsized energy toward hermeneutics when their marriages are falling apart and they can’t pay their electric bill.”

“This is the whole truth,” she wrote. “I combed through one year of my social media discussions and comments to see what women need, and it is this: How do I faithfully live this real life that is hard? This marriage, these kids, this career, these dreams and losses. Missing: exegesis on Nahum.”

I know this will shock you (wink, wink) but I could not disagree more.

Here’s what I know from real life. There was time when my life was in complete shambles. My marriage was struggling, our living situation was isolated, I had just experienced two devastating miscarriages, I had two little children and I was currently pregnant with a baby that had been medically diagnosed as “incompatible with life.”

During that season, I learned something important: There is no self-help book that fixes that kind of mess.

There is only one book and one author that has any power in life’s darkest and most complicated situations. The Bible.

The thing that saved my life that year (literally) was the Word of God. I read every word of scripture from Genesis to Revelation. (Including the book of Nahum.) When I didn’t understand something, I combed through commentaries. I listened to every sermon that our pastor had archived on our church website. I got myself into a women’s Bible study group.

I saturated my heart and mind with truth and I got through that dark valley with my faith, not only intact, but strengthened exponentially. It changed everything.

In all seasons of life, seek whatever godly wisdom you can find. But don’t ever fail to go to the Word of God as your first and final authority. All earthly wisdom will eventually fall short, but Jesus never will. In times of trouble run toward Him.

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Reading Plan- Week Forty-Seven

Day One- Micah 7
Day Two- Nahum 1
Day Three- Nahum 2
Day Four- Nahum 3
Day Five- Habakkuk 1