The Exclusive, VIP Reception (Jeremiah 2)

Have you ever had God knock you upside the head with the truth? I had it happen this week.

I was driving along when, out of the blue, I got a call from a very well-known ministry office. The sweet woman on the other end of the phone informed me that this well-known person was aware of the “important” ministry that I was doing and wanted to invite me to an “exclusive, VIP reception” with him before an event that he was doing in my home state.

Would I like to RSVP? You bet, I would!

Wow! They were aware of little ole me? My pride swelled. I must really be something! Immediately I began thinking wardrobe options (something to cover the extreme farmer tan that I have developed this summer) because, obviously, you can’t go to an exclusive, VIP reception without looking like a very important person. Maybe I should spring for a manicure to dislodge the garden soil from under my fingernails. And new shoes of course…

Almost as quickly, God whispered in my ear, “Excuse me. What do you think you are doing? Whatever ministry you have is mine. If you make it about you, I will take it away so fast your head will spin.”

“But, God…this would be great exposure for the ministry,” I tried.

“You don’t need man-made exposure, you need my Spirit working through you,” God firmly answered.

So, there won’t be a new dress or shoes, no manicure. I won’t be attending the exclusive, VIP reception, because if there is anything that I have learned, it’s to listen when God speaks. Ignoring His voice has brought nothing but disaster on me in the past.

The prophet Jeremiah knew that obeying God was essential, even if it wasn’t convenient. Just before Israel was about to go into captivity, God told Jeremiah to warn the people one last time. Jeremiah tried to argue. He wasn’t good at public speaking, he was just a kid, blah, blah, blah.

God was having none of it. “Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them.” (Jeremiah 1:17)

Jeremiah obeyed God and, in the process, fulfilled his destiny. He warned the Israelites, explained clearly why disaster was about to fall on them, and prepared them to accept God’s plan.

If Jeremiah would have refused to obey God, God would have used someone else to warn His people, but it would have been disastrous for Jeremiah personally. The same is true for us. God will accomplish His will, with or without us. But if we choose not to obey Him, it will not work out well for us.

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