Not Today Satan (Nehemiah 6)

No one has more experience with conflict management than a mom with a bunch of kids. (By now, I should be an expert.)

When my kids are fussing they will tell you that I always remind them: You do not have to attend every argument that you are invited to. That’s good advice for all of us and Nehemiah, from the Bible, employed the concept perfectly.

Nehemiah’s enemies were constantly trying to distract him from supervising the Jerusalem wall rebuilding project. They tried everything, including inviting him to come out of the city to meet with them.

Nehemiah wisely saw their behavior for what it was and answered in hilarious fashion; “I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you?” (I’m not making this quote up, it’s found in Nehemiah 6:3.)

Talk about putting them in their place!

When that didn’t work, the Israelite’s enemies tried constructing lies about them. Nehemiah nipped that nonsense in the bud. He answered; “Nothing like what you are saying is happening: you are just making it up out of your head,” and kept working. (Again, not making it up. Nehemiah 6:8.)

Nehemiah continued to ignore his haters and kept working until the wall was built. He didn’t give them any extra power or ammunition against him by engaging with them.

Think of how much more effective we would be if we stayed focused on the job that God has set before us and simply refused to allow distractions to derail us? Sometimes conflicts are unavoidable, but we don’t have to make them any bigger than they are. We can absolutely choose to keep them in their proper place.

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