Looking with Love (Mark 10)

In Mark 10, a wealthy, young man came to Jesus and asked, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life (vs. 17)?” Jesus knew that his heart was not ready to fully surrender to Him yet, but He still engaged with him. The Bible even tells us, “Jesus looked at him and loved him (vs. 21).”

The Greek word for “looked at” here is “emblepein” and it means, “to look at intently,” “to examine,” or “to scrutinize.” Jesus did all this toward the young man- knowing everything that was in his heart- and still looked at him with love.

It made me wonder, do I look at people with love? Do I bother to see the people around me intently? Do you?

This kind of attention will entangle us in people’s lives and drama, and will complicate our own lives. But we will risk all of this if we feel the way that Jesus felt. Jesus cared that this person enter the kingdom of God.

How different would our day be if we looked at our co-workers, the gas station attendant, or the cashier at the grocery store and sincerely cared that they enter the kingdom of God?

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Reading Plan–Week Eight

Day One–Mark 8
Day Two–Mark 9
Day Three–Mark 10
Day Four–Mark 11
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