Eve: The Warrior (Genesis 2)

Happy New Year everybody! I am so thankful to be delving into scripture with you in 2016. This is going to be an amazing experience for all of us.

We naturally begin our study with the creation of the first woman, Eve. Christian women have long been taught that we should see ourselves as princesses- beloved daughters of the King of Kings. This is true. However, we would be much better served, as Christian women, if we stopped thinking of ourselves as princesses and started thinking of ourselves as God originally intended; as spiritual warriors.

The Hebrew word that God used in Genesis 2 to describe the first woman is the word “Ezer” which is a powerful military term describing a warrior. It means “hero” and “indispensable partner”. It is often associated with a shield in describing God’s protective care of His people. In Exodus and Psalms it is used to describe God coming to Israel’s aid. Genesis 2:18 reads, “The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.'” That word “helper” is “Ezer”. Right from the beginning- before the first woman was even created- God described us as spiritual warriors, and as heroes!

The distinction between “princess” and “warrior” is profound and shifting our thinking will change our entire worldview. If I think of myself as a princess, I might become self-centered, indulgent and pampered. All eyes are on me all of the time.

On the other hand, a warrior is humble. A warrior’s gaze is lifted from his or her self and personal circumstances and is fixed on his or her king. The warrior is ready in an instant to fight- and even die- for their master. The warrior is brave and emotionally strong. She is the ultimate servant, unquestionably obedient at any personal cost. The warrior is constantly working to advance the agenda of her king. She acknowledges that she is an image-bearer of her king and her actions and attitudes reflect this.

Women of God, it is time to take off the tiara and put on the full armor of God. We fight battles with eternal consequences. We must have a heavenly perspective, our eyes always on our king. This is what we were always meant to be.