Do What’s Needed (Luke 1)

Did you know that the author of the book of Luke was the only Gentile to write any of the New Testament cannon?

Interestingly, Luke began his gospel by saying that many people had tried to draw up accounts of what he was about to write in his gospel, and it, “seemed good also to me to write and orderly account (Luke 1:3).” In other words, it does not appear that Luke received any miraculous sign that he should write this gospel, but he saw that it was needed. That’s good news for us!

Sometimes God’s leading isn’t flashes of lightning or burning bushes. Sometimes it is just what seems good at the time. Luke would go on to write both this gospel and the book of Acts. Those two books have a quarter of all of the words in the entire New Testament. Can you believe it?

There may be times when we don’t know what to do next in ministry. When we can’t see an obvious calling, we can look to Luke’s example and just do what is needed. Is your church looking for VBS workers? Do that. Do they need another person to chaperone the teens on their mission trip? Do that. It may turn out that that thing was our calling after all!

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Reading Plan–Week Nine

Day One–Mark 13
Day Two–Mark 14
Day Three–Mark 15
Day Four–Mark 16
Day Five–Luke 1