The Lord Was with Joseph (Genesis 39)

woman in dress and glasses looking at hills in the distance

“The Lord was with Joseph.” (Gen. 39:2) Those five words are the hallmark of the Biblical character Joseph’s life. Aren’t they so comforting? Any of us would want our lives to be punctuated by the fact that the Lord is with us, wouldn’t we? Remarkably, those words were first written about Joseph after his brothers […]

No Dream Killers (Genesis 37)

Genesis 37

Has God given you a dream? Maybe you’ve felt the call to foster care or pastoring a church or setting up a program to serve the homeless in your hometown. Whatever it is, you have a dream. Genesis 37 records Joseph’s dreams. In his dreams, God told him that he was called to leadership. In […]

Dodging a Bullet (Genesis 13)

Genesis 13

There’s an interesting side story in the book of Genesis where Abraham and Sarah really dodged a bullet, so to speak. And the thing is, at the time they probably had no idea. When Abraham and Sarah set out from their home in Ur to follow God, they took their nephew Lot with them. Particularly […]

Bridge Burning Days (Haggai 2b)

Haggai 2a Amy Carmichael

Have you ever had a bridge burning moment? You know, the kind that you know will radically alter your life forever? Amy Carmichael, a young missionary woman in India, had just one of those moments. She had been very busy doing her regular missionary work when a frantic knock came at her front door in […]

Yes, You Can! (Jonah)


The book of Jonah, in the Bible, does not name its author, however, many scholars believe that it was actually written by the prophet himself. Clearly, some of the details of the story, his prayer in the belly of the fish or over the city of Nineveh for example, could have only come from the […]