Biblical Prophecy (Jeremiah 50)

Biblical prophecy is a fascinating study. According to experts, as of today, 87% of prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled. (The remaining 13% will be fulfilled in the end times.) The chances that all of these prophecies could be accurately predicted in the way that they were apart from Divine intervention is astronomical!

Take, for example, the prophecy in Jeremiah that the Babylonian empire would eventually be overtaken by the Medes. (Jeremiah 50) At the time, Babylon looked impenetrable. The walls of the city of Babylon were 300 feet high and 80 feet thick! Their army was marching across the entire known world picking of countries one after another. To any person living in that time period, Babylon’s power seemed to be without end.

The Babylonians were terrifying. They sieged other nations and literally starved them to death before eventually overtaking them. (Some historians believe that when the Babylonians took over Jerusalem they actually only took about 5,000 people back with them because, apart from the small, weak remnant that were left in the city, everyone else had already starved to death.)

And yet, the prophet Jeremiah predicted that the Medes, who were not a great nation at the time and certainly no threat to the Babylonian empire, would overtake them. Sixty-five years later, that is exactly what happened. Isn’t that fascinating?

We can trust God, and we don’t have to do it blindly. We have documented, historical proof that He is absolutely trustworthy and will keep His word, every single time, even when it seems impossible.

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Reading Plan- Week Thirty-Three

Day One- Jeremiah 44
Day Two- Jeremiah 50
Day Three- Jeremiah 51
Day Four- Jeremiah 52
Day Five- Lamentations 1