Whatever He Says (John 2–Mary)

water-into-wineMy five-year old, Adeline, has prayed the same prayer every night for the past two years, “Jesus, thank you that you can heal mommy’s eyes.” (I am blind in one eye and have a disease in my other eye that could leave me completely blind. Two years ago I had a series of three emergency surgeries in a row to keep me from going blind. My kids are very aware of the situation.)

I love that Adeline has so much confidence in God that she doesn’t beg, “please heal mommy’s eyes,” she simply acknowledges the fact that He can.

Mary showed the same confidence in Jesus while attending a wedding where the wine was about to run out. “Do whatever He says,” she serenely told the servants, who were beginning to panic. Though Jesus had not yet performed a miracle in public, she had no doubt that He was fully able to handle this situation. And He did.

How was Mary able to have so much faith in Jesus when she had never seen Him perform a public miracle before? She knew who He was. He wasn’t just her little boy, He was Almighty God and the anointed Messiah of Israel. He was all powerful and full of love toward people. His ability to intervene in the present circumstance was not even a question for Mary, it was only a matter of His will.

In Romans 15:13, Paul prays, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Faith in God will trump our panic every time if we will remember to employ it.

In our moments of need, we can confidently and calmly say to the Lord, “You are powerful, You are mighty, I trust You. I will do whatever you say,” and then expectantly wait for Him to show up on our behalf.

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Week Thirty-Nine

Day 1: John 2:1-12 (Mary)
Day 2: John 4:1-26 (Woman at the Well)
Day 3: John 8:1-11 (Woman Caught in Adultery)
Day 4: John 9:1-41 (Blind Man’s Mother)
Day 5: John 11:1-44 (Mary and Martha)