Showing the Kindness of God (2 Samuel 9)

My daughter has a boy in her first-grade class who can’t navigate stairs without assistance. Sadly, her class is on the second story of their school building. Her teacher is very good about helping the boy up and down the stairs, but told me that recently she led the students out the door and down the stairs and was horrified to realize that she had forgotten the boy who needed assistance at the top of the stairs! The teacher quickly retraced her steps, until she noticed that my daughter had taken the boy’s hand and was leading him safely down the stairs.

Obviously, I was very proud of my daughter for helping her classmate out, but I was equally proud that she had noticed that he needed help in the first place. I was also extremely humbled. I’m so frantically busy throughout the day that I don’t always (usually?) notice other people who might need a hand or a kind word. I’m not trying to be insensitive, I’m just distracted. Can you relate?

In the book of Second Samuel, King David asked, “Is there anyone left of Saul’s family that I can show the kindness of God to?” (2 Sam. 9:3) King David was intentionally searching for someone to help. He realized that, as the newly crowned king, he now had resources at his disposal that would allow him to help others. He chose to keep his eyes open for those that he could help.

Not only was David intentionally looking for someone to help, he realized that when we show kindness to others, it is actually a reflection of the kindness of God. Isn’t that powerful? How many times have you or I been encouraged by the kind words or actions of another person and it left us walking away praising God?

King David did find someone to show kindness to and it changed the entire trajectory of the young man’s life. We never know how God will use our words and actions. Let’s be the ones who, like King David, regularly ask, “Is there anyone that I can show the kindness of God to?”

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Reading Plan- Week Seven

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