My Super Power (1 Chronicles 12)

1 Chronicles 12

I laugh every time that I see the card my daughter made me for Mother’s Day last year. She wrote: My mom’s super power is that she can find anything.

She’s not wrong. It is well known in my house that nothing is truly lost until your mother can’t find it. I can find lost library books, misplaced band instruments, missing basketball shoes, my husband’s class notes, you name it, I’ve found it.

My kids and husband know that if you’ve lost something, you call mom.

There are times when all of us need an expert, someone with just the right expertise for our particular problem.

In the book of First Chronicles, King David was blessed with some experts.

The transition between King Saul’s kingdom and King David’s was long and drawn out, but eventually a majority of the fighting men came to David’s side. There is a list of them in 1 Chronicles 12.

What is so interesting about this list is that tucked into the numbers of armed men, warriors, and military officers is this note: “men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do- 200 chiefs.” (1 Chron. 12:32)

I wonder if, as these men came over to his side, David let out a huge sigh of relief. Who wouldn’t welcome wise counsel from people who fully understand how to solve the precise problems that we face, particularly when an entire nation is at stake?

And then God reminded me that we need to pray for that exact thing in our own communities, churches, schools, families and nation. We need to pray for wise counselors for our leaders. No one is an expert at everything. How much better off we would all be if our leaders were listening to advise from people guided by God in true wisdom.