Mercy in Real Life (2 Samuel 2)

2 Samuel 2

I have a very dear friend whose husband was abandoned by his father as a child. Throughout his life, his father would drift in and out bringing his drama and baggage with him. The father wasn’t a pleasant person and it would have been very easy, even completely justified, for my friend’s husband to cut […]

Marked for Life (1 Samuel 5)


Have you ever seen something so shocking that it marked you for life? In First Samuel 5, the Philistines were drunk on their victory over the Israelites. Not only had they killed thousands of enemy soldiers and left the rest running for their lives, they had captured the most important symbol of the Israelite’s God- […]

No Victims Here (Ruth)

Ruth 1

If there was ever a woman in history who could have succumbed to victimhood in life, it was undoubtedly the biblical character Ruth. There she was; a childless woman in the ancient near east (don’t even get me started), a widow (a catastrophic situation in her day and time), a foreigner living in Israel without […]

Battle Ready (Judges 3)

Have you ever felt that life just kept hitting you with wave after wave of difficulty and you couldn’t even catch your breath from one catastrophe before the next one was upon you? I sure have! “Why won’t it end?” we rightly wonder. There is a tiny section of scripture in the book of Judges […]

Real Regret (Joshua 9)

Joshua 9

Have you ever made a really big mistake? I’m not talking about that extra scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, I’m talking the kind of choice that you regret years and years later. I can think of two. The thing is, I made those two fateful decisions for exactly the same reason; I didn’t […]

Aaron and Hur (Exodus 17)

Exodus 17

In a seven-week period of time, three of the seven pastors at our church abruptly and unexpectedly quit their jobs. At least one cited extreme exhaustion and burnout as the cause. Doing any kind of spiritual work can be tiring (whether vocational or voluntary), but there is something that can truly make all of the […]

Packing Dancing Shoes (Exodus 15)

Exodus 15

If there was ever a natural-born leader in the Bible, it is Moses’ sister Miriam, found in the book of Exodus. The first thing that we know about her is that she was fiercely protective of her little brother, was intelligent, brave and resourceful. Fast-forward a few decades and cross the Red Sea, we see […]

Behind Every Good Man (Exodus 2)

Exodus 1

You’ve heard that behind every good man is a good woman. In the case of Moses, from the Bible, we find that before there ever was a great man, there were five valiant women. Many years before the birth of Moses, God had told his servant Abraham that for 400 years, his descendants would be […]

Dodging a Bullet (Genesis 13)

There’s an interesting side story in the book of Genesis where Abraham and Sarah really dodged a bullet, so to speak. And the thing is, at the time they probably had no idea. When Abraham and Sarah set out from their home in Ur to follow God, they took their nephew Lot with them. Particularly […]