Grateful for Warnings (Hosea)

Do you remember the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986? It was the largest industrial accident in history with nuclear fallout felt all over the world. Interestingly enough, that tragedy was completely avoidable. You see, it was caused by two bored electrical engineers “playing around” in the control room late at night. For fun, they were […]

Mind. Blown. (Daniel 10)

Fair warning: You might want to sit down for this. There are a handful of verses in the book of Daniel that will blow your mind and then change your world. In Daniel 10:4-14, there is a situation where Daniel has been fasting and praying for weeks about a specific thing and getting no answer […]

Praying Big (Daniel 6)

A few weeks ago, our pastor said something that I can’t get out of my mind. “What a tragedy it would be,” he said, “if, at the end of my life, I had all of my children and grandchildren gathered around me and had no great acts of God to tell them about.” Can you […]

It Can Be Done! (Daniel 1)

Perhaps like you, I am raising children on this polarizing, dangerous and sometimes terrifying planet. I have had people tell me that they would never bring children into this world. I’ve had other people advise me not to bring any more children into this world. (Ironically, I was not soliciting their advice.) Raising godly children […]

Unenviable Ministry (Ezekiel)

There are a couple of people in scripture who had absolutely unenviable ministries. For real. How many of us would sign-up to deliver God’s message to people that God flat-out told us would never listen? Enter the prophet Jeremiah. (Jer. 7:27) The people were so grateful that Jewish tradition says they stoned him to death. […]

People Are the Whole Point (Lamentations)

I watched a shocking interview between two famous television evangelists where the two of them were discussing the need that they had for fleets (yes, fleets) of private jets to get them from one ministry appointment to another. I’m not at all opposed to ministries owning private jets if that is what is necessary for […]

Biblical Prophecy (Jeremiah 50)

Biblical prophecy is a fascinating study. According to experts, as of today, 87% of prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled. (The remaining 13% will be fulfilled in the end times.) The chances that all of these prophecies could be accurately predicted in the way that they were apart from Divine intervention is astronomical! Take, […]

Too Obvious to Ignore (Jeremiah 40)

Sometimes the hand of God in a situation is so powerful and so dramatic that even non-believers find it too obvious to ignore. Such is the case of Nebuzaradan, commander of the guard under King Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. When the Babylonian army completely destroyed the city of Jerusalem and carried out all but the […]