Feet to Faith (Daniel 6)

Daniel 3

King Darius was vain, short-sighted and self-absorbed, but if there is anything that we can admire about him, he certainly had a lot of faith. After being tricked into throwing his friend and trusted adviser, Daniel, into a den of hungry lions, King Darius might well have just walked away sad that the experience had […]

The King Has Lost His Mind (Daniel 4)

Daniel 4

Daniel chapter four records a remarkable letter from King Nebuchadnezzar to his people that starts out something like this: “You guys, I have the best news ever! I lost my mind.” Hmmm…that doesn’t sound like fantastic news. The king went on. “No, really! For seven years I lost my mind. I started eating grass like […]

Time for Something New (1 Kings 17)

1 Kings 17

Sometimes God makes it clear that it is time for something new. I don’t know about you, but I am not in love with change and most major changes in my life (outside of having kids- which I relished) have been accomplished despite me dragging my heels, kicking and screaming. No matter how much we […]

Jezebel (1 Kings 16)

1 Kings 16 Jezebel

Jezebel. The very name makes us shudder! Jezebel was vindictive, manipulative and pure evil. (She had a man murdered over a vegetable garden!) When she left her palace home in Phoenicia to marry King Ahab of Israel, she had only one goal; she was going to stamp out Jehovah worship in the land of God’s […]

The Condition of a Heart (1 Kings 16)

1 Kings 16

If you don’t think the Bible is edge of your seat thrilling, you aren’t reading it. Revenge, deception, intrigue; Days of Our Lives has nothing on this stuff! After the kingdom of Israel split in two (now Judah and Israel), the country of Israel suffered through one wretched king after another. A few kings in […]

Sweet Lips (Proverbs 15 and 16)

Proverbs 15 and 16

A few years ago, I was having a really hard time after another cross-country move. I’m a people person and the insanity inducing loneliness of not knowing a single person where we now lived hit me hard. One day, as I was dropping my kids off at AWANA at our new church, a woman, whom […]

Do What You Can (1 Chronicles 22)

The farm down the road from us posts inspirational messages on their farm sign each week. This week it read: “If you can’t do what you want, do what you can.” This is a perfect description of David’s attitude when it came to building the first temple. He desperately wanted to build a temple to […]

The Way of Escape (2 Samuel 11)

2 Samuel 11

Has God ever given you a “way of escape?” In the book of James, God tells us that when we are tempted to sin, God will mercifully give us an opportunity to run far from it before we make a choice that we will later regret. In the book of Second Samuel, chapter 11, King […]

My Super Power (1 Chronicles 12)

1 Chronicles 12

I laugh every time that I see the card my daughter made me for Mother’s Day last year. She wrote: My mom’s super power is that she can find anything. She’s not wrong. It is well known in my house that nothing is truly lost until your mother can’t find it. I can find lost […]