Behind Every Good Man (Exodus 2)

Exodus 1

You’ve heard that behind every good man is a good woman. In the case of Moses, from the Bible, we find that before there ever was a great man, there were five valiant women. Many years before the birth of Moses, God had told his servant Abraham that for 400 years, his descendants would be […]

Dodging a Bullet (Genesis 13)

There’s an interesting side story in the book of Genesis where Abraham and Sarah really dodged a bullet, so to speak. And the thing is, at the time they probably had no idea. When Abraham and Sarah set out from their home in Ur to follow God, they took their nephew Lot with them. Particularly […]

How long? (Job 19)

“Mom, how looooong do we have to keep praying this same prayer?” my daughter moaned dramatically as I tucked her into bed. For as long as she can remember she, and our entire family, has prayed for my eyes to be healed. (It’s a long story, but very, very serious.) To tell the truth, I […]

Waiting Well (Genesis 1)

Every time I open my Bible to the first chapter of Genesis, a chill goes up my spine and I half expect a movie soundtrack to start playing a suspenseful orchestra piece. The earth was formless, empty and dark. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? But, “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” (Genesis 1:2) […]

Looking for Jesus (Zephaniah 12)

My three-year-old niece has found waiting for Christmas grueling. The tree is decorated, the presents are sitting under it, what in the world are we waiting for she wonders? Hoping to hurry Christmas along, she cut off the rest of the construction paper rings on the Christmas countdown chain that she and her mom made. […]

Be Utterly Amazed (Habakkuk 1-3)

Have you ever asked: “How long, Lord, must I call for help and you do not listen or cry out to you about violence and you do not save?” (Habakkuk 1:2) I have! We look around and have to wonder, “God, why don’t you do something?!?” The prophet Habakkuk had certainly had enough when he […]

What We Need Most (Nahum)

This very day, an uber-popular Christian author and speaker tweeted that regular people don’t need to really study scripture. What they need is more self-help. Because most people don’t make their living writing Christian books and studies she said, they, “don’t have the luxury of devoting outsized energy toward hermeneutics when their marriages are falling […]