Picking Up Chairs (1 Peter 4)

My dad is a carpenter by trade. He’s a quiet, hardworking man who is very talented, but never the center of attention. Recently, a friend died and I went back to the tiny community that I grew up in to attend the funeral. The service was held in the only room big enough to hold […]

Prepare Your Mind (1 Peter 1)

In First Peter 1:13, the apostle Peter wrote something profound; “Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled.” Peter had been writing about the inheritance that we have through Jesus Christ when we accept Him as our Savior. It is an, “inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade- kept in heaven for you (vs. […]

Considering Joy (James 1)

My oldest daughter, Ryann, is an extraordinary reader. When she was seven, she asked me what “circumcision” was. “Ummm…where did you see that word?” I stumbled. “Genesis,” she answered. Okay, then. Interesting conversation, which I was entirely unprepared for, ensued. When Ryann was six years old, my husband took a class at church in which […]

A Remarkable List (Hebrews 11)

The book of Hebrews contains one of the most remarkable lists in all of antiquity. It is remarkable because if who it contains; a prostitute, a philandering husband, a leader who had to run for his life to avoid a murder rap, a judge who was brought down by a conniving woman and on and […]

Grow Up (Hebrews 5)

Not so long ago, a young woman came to me for help. Through no fault of her own, life had been extremely challenging for her. Because I was in a position to help, and because I genuinely cared for this young woman deeply, I was happy to assist her. Our family went to extreme lengths […]

Jesus Found Worthy (Hebrews 2-3)

Uniquely, we don’t know exactly who the author of the book of Hebrews was. Scholars have suggested Silas, Timothy, Barnabas and others. Martin Luther plausibly proposed Apollos. Whoever the author was, his main point in writing was to convince Jewish Christians to continue to put their faith for salvation in Jesus Christ Himself, rather than […]

Arguing Well (Titus)

The downside to being a professional communicator is that you are generally really good at communicating. Nothing has gotten me into more misfortune than my own tongue. Twitter is especially troublesome for people like me because we can virtually always deliver a snappy comeback to any other person’s misguided tweet in 140 characters or less. […]

Parenting that Works (2 Timothy 1)

For those of us in the trenches of diapers, temper tantrums and the mind-numbing exhaustion that is parenting young children (or the terror of teenage drivers) the apostle Paul has some very good news! It matters. Every single second of it matters. Even the seconds when we are hiding in the bathroom because we aren’t […]